This 1990 Chevy 454SS belongs to Mike Phillips of Dallas, Texas. To begin with Mike removed all the side molding from the outside of his truck. The lines were then further cleaned up by relocating the tail gate handle to the inside of the bed. The stake pocket holes were filled and smoothed. A bed mat was added and a tonneau covers the bed. The rear bumper was removed and a roll pan was added to smooth out the rear. Custom tail lights were frenched into the roll pan, and a custom third brake light was added. Behind the license plate you will find a hidden trailer hitch. Mike smoothed out the front bumper and added an awesome cowl induction hood to help cool the engine.

To keep things confortable inside, there's a fold down center seat and the windows were given a dark limmo tint for privacy.

The suspension was lowered 2 inches out front with Bell Tech spindles, and the rear was lowered 4 inches with Bell Tech leaf spring hangers.

To put the power to the ground, Mike added a set of Centerline Convo Pro wheels, 15x7 inch in front, and wide 15x10 inch at the rear. He then added a pair of fat Mickey Thompson rear tires.

To the already huge 454-cubic-inch engine, Mike added an Advanced Cam, Mallory wires and ignition, under drive pulleys, a K&N air filter, a Mallory tach, Split Fire spark plugs, and a Hyperchip Super Chip. To back up all this power Mike uses a R4 700 Transmission with Over Drive. Spent gasses exit through Doug Thorley headers and a Flowmaster 3 inch exhaust.

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