Rick's 1997 Chevrolet S-10 SS

This is Rick's S-10 SS. It came from the factory with some sport truck adjustments, but Rick just had to keep going. Within a month, Rick upgraded the air filter to a high performance model and used a Hypertech programmer to reprogram his computer for some extra get-up and go. In the stereo department, Rick has installed a Sony 910 head unit, a 13 band Sony EQ, and all new speakers powered by Sony amps. The speakers include Sony plate speakers in the dash, Kicker 5 1/4-inch speakers in the doors, and Orion XTR 10 subwoofers behind the seats. Rick's stereo pumps out 900 watts at full power!

Rick removed the stock wheels and tires, and installed polished aluminum American Eagle 15X10-inch wheels with 245r60 tires. He also installed GTS blackouts on the back, and tinted rear glass.


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