Ronny's S-10 SS SportSide

This fine S-10 SS is a rare breed. The lucky owner of this truck is Ronny Zuņiga, who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Ronny tells us that his truck is one of only 834 other S-10 SS trucks made for sale in Canada in 1997. In fact, only 2747 SS models were produced in 1997. Ronny's truck features the optional SportSide bed, making it even more desirable.

All S-10 SS trucks are powered by a 180-horsepower version of the Vortec 4300 V6. Ronny's truck gains a few extra horses from a K&N air filter complemented by a Flowmaster cat-back, dual exhaust. Ronny uses a Hypertech power programmer plus to reprogram his OBD-II computer, while a Hypertech 160 Thermostat keeps the engine temperature down. With those modifications, Ronny raced my friend's '95 Mustang GT, and only lost by half a car length. Not bad for a truck, but appearantly not good enough for Ronny! He's already planned to add a MSD ignition system including wires, and a set of Edelbrock Headers.

The S-10 SS model also boasts the ZQ8 Sport Suspension, resulting in 2-inches of lowering compared to a stock S-10, and exclusive 16-inch cast-aluminum wheels wearing P235/55R-16 Eagle GA tires. Ronny's left the suspension alone, bed he's added a few choice exterior modifications. The tailights wear slotted covers, while the bed is protected by a GM Bedliner, and it's covered by Astro Fiberglass Tonneau cover.

Ronny showing his truck at Penticton, BC, Canada.

The S-10 SS model is quite rare in Canada. Ronny admits "The first truck I saw that was like mine is the one from the reader that you have posted on your site." When he showed his truck at a local car show in Penticton, he got all the attention. When Ronny's not out having fun with his truck, or showing it off, it's kept safe in his garage.

Ronny's truck by Okanagon Lake in Penticton, BC, Canada.

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