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Background Info | Stock Exhaust Removal | New System Installation | Finish & Conclusion

Installing the New Cat and Muffler

CGS Motorsports
high-flow catalytic converter

CGS Motorsports
high performance muffler

The parts used in this installation are a CGS Motorsports high-flow catalytic converter and a CGS Motorsports high performance muffler. The muffler features a fully welded design with aluminized 14 gauge steel. It has a single 3-inch inlet and dual 2-1/2-inch outlets. The catalytic converter features 3-inch openings and uses T-304 stainless steel throughout and an aluminized heat shield. The replacement converter carries both EPA and CARB approval.


Expanding New Pipe

To begin the installation of the new exhaust, a piece of pipe is expanded to make the connection between where the old exhaust was cut off and where the new catalytic converter will be installed.

Note that the catalytic converter is placed with the head shield facing up. In addition to having the right side facing up, the converter is also directional. The arrow stamped on the case must be aligned with the exhaust flow path to assure proper function.


Fitting the Cat
Once the converter is aligned and the connection is fit snugly, it is welded in place.

Next, a long piece of 3-inch diameter straight exhaust tubing is fit to the catalytic converter and measured for length to where the new muffler will be placed. The straight tubing is then cut to length and welded in place. The new exhaust system is routed so that the new pipe is perfectly straight, without need for any restrictive bends.

Welding the Cat

Completed Cat

Straight Pipe to Muffler
The picture at left shows the new muffler set in place. A custom exhaust system allows for perfect placement of each component. The straight length of pipe clears the cab and cross members. Such a fit is not possible with cat-back systems due to natural variations between the same model of vehicle.

Once the muffler is set in place and leveled-off appropriately, it is welded in place.

Welding the Muffler
Next, the stock hanger locations are used to mount the new system. New hangers are fabricated and welded to the system.

The new system, from catalytic converter to muffler, provides a straight layout for maximum flow and minimum restriction.

Straight Exhaust Layout


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