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Background Info | Stock Exhaust Removal | New System Installation | Finish & Conclusion

Finishing It Off and the Results

Cutting Turn-down Tip
To complete the system, we opted to use turn-downs right after the muffler. This eliminates a traditional tailpipe exit location, and provides additional exhaust tone and volume.

The tips are made from lengths of 2-1/2-inch tubing. They are bent and cut to fit.

The turn-down exit increases the in-cab sound as well. If you are concerned about interior exhaust noise you may wish to have the system exit out the side or rear.

Tips Installed
The completed exhaust system looks impressive, however the real impact realized as soon as the system is fired up for the first time.

Completed Exhaust

Much to our delight, the new exhaust not only produces an incredibly deep and rumbling exhaust tone at idle, but it also has plenty of vicious growl on tap with a push on the throttle. The overall exhaust sound output was much increased over stock, and the tone sounds several octaves lower. 

The result is a whole new attitude, with sounds ranging from a rumbling purr at idle to pure wild beast. Don't take our word for it, we have provided the audible results for you to hear for yourself.


Hear the difference!

Take a listen to the exhaust, before and after.
Choose MP3 or WAV format.


Stock Exhaust

MP3 85 KB
WAV 460 KB


CGS Motorsports Exhaust

103 KB
WAV 557 KB


Installation Details

Vehicle: 1995 Chevrolet C-1500

5.7L V8

Previous engine modifications:

Parts installed:
  • CGS Motorsports Catalytic Converter
  • CGS Motorsports Muffler - part number 83025
    (center 3" inlet, dual 2-1/2" outlets)
  • 3-inch diameter exhaust pipe
  • Custom-bent turn-downs
Source: CGS Motorsports
3227 Producer Way Suite 134
Pomona, CA 91768

(909)444-9165 fax



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