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'94 Explorer Sport

Los Angeles resident, Mark Kudsi has a great story to tell about his pride and joy, a '94 Explorer. We'll let him get right to it:

There is nothing I take more pride in then my car. She is a 1994 Ford Explorer Sport. I got her a year and a half ago for a great price. She was stock at first, but after a years work she is something to look at. I have spent many of hours and an abundance of money on her appearance and maintenance. From her customized license plate, which reads EXSPLRN, to her rear fitted light covers, not one detail has been overlooked.

Her mirror tinted windows blended with her deep shade of black paint, come together to create an image that is solid. The continuous flow is interrupted by seventeen inch, chrome, TSW Stealth rims which are wrapped in “Z” rated Sumitomo tires. She sits a low six inches from the ground with a modified suspension to stabilize her bumpy ride. Her front grill consists of chrome horizontal lines provided by Billet Steel. Exposed from the rear, a five inch chrome tip can be seen leaving the muffler. As you enter the automobile, the tan interior can be seen throughout. Your eyes are drawn to the alterations that were done. The Momo gear shifter, Razo pedals, custom dash cover, and Momo shoulder straps all add to the uniqueness of the car. As the key is placed in the ignition and the car turned on, the roar of the six cylinder, 4.0 liter, engine can be heard aloud. With a Borla exhaust, Vortech air meter, and K&N filter, the engine is allowed to breath better giving it an additional twenty to thirty horsepower. With all this being managed by a Jet Performance computer chip, which changes the fuel to air ratio, she has the kick of a sports car.

As you motion to turn on the radio, you notice the stock replaced Pioneer head unit. When the power is engaged, music can be heard throughout your neighborhood! The system is composed of two twelve inch Pioneer subwoofers contained in two separate customized bypass boxes. Along with them are four JBL five by seven 2-way speakers and two Infinity tweeters strategically placed within the cab. This is all powered by a Roxford Fosgate Punch 200 amp along with the head unit and stock amp. The system also contains a Pioneer twelve disc CD changer that was custom fitted in the center console complimented with a remote control.

I take a lot of pride in my car and I consider it my child. There is no stop to the altercations that can be done. It takes a lot of money and endless amounts of time but it is something I love to do. I can proudly say she is mine and show off her beauty.

Mark Kudsi
Los Angeles, California
[email protected]

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