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Side View

This truck proves that it doesn't take a wad of dough to create a custom truck. Eighteen year-old Curtis Noble of Bakersfield, CA displays his '87 Dodge Ram 50. Curt has been working on his project for about 2 years. He's been a member of Severed Ties mini-truck and car club for a little less than a year.

Front Side ViewAlthough the truck is currently under construction, it shows the true state of most of the custom trucks on the road today. Curt says he has a lot planned for the near future, but let's take a look at the truck's present state. The truck has been lowered about 7" in the back and about 5 1/2" in the front. The door handles, keyholes, antenna, and hood squirters have been shaved. Curt took off the stock roll pan and added a Sir Micheal's roll pan. He also added a set of Pilot driving lights, purple City Lights, Hyper Blinker turn signals, and Auto Strobes have been placeed in his heater vents.

The stock bench seat was taken out and replaced with a set of Toyota Celica Bucket seats. Curt then removed the mufler and left his exhaust open under the cab to create an echoing effect from the engine. After making a hastey decision on rims and getting stuck with deep dishes, Curt scrambled to get a set of Toyota 4 Runner rims.

Rear Side ViewThe Club logo on the truck's rear window has a short story behind it. The theme was thought of after a girl's jealous boyfriend bashed out my windows with golf clubs (what could possibly provoke such violence?). So to show the attacker that he didn't scare Curt, Curtis decided to incorporate a mural of his truck getting the windows bashed out with a golf club in the logo. The quote "Anyone for window golf?" was added directley under it.

Curt has many future plans for his truck to be completed ths year. They include a frame C-notch for added suspension travel, a body drop to get the truck even lower, a sliding ragtop, a phantom grill, huge rims, along with much more shaving and a special idea for the taillights that wont be anounced until completed.

Rear Window

Curtis Noble
Bakersfield, California
[email protected]

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