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This wild S-10 belongs to Steve Reed from Honolulu Hawaii. The most striking this about this truck is the bright raspberry paint, but this truck is a lot more than a coat of flashy paint. The truck began its life as a stock '94 Chevrolet S-10 extra-cab with a 4.3L Vortec V-6 engine. But it didn't stay that way for long.

First the truck got a major altitude-adjustment. The truck sits down low with a front airbag setup from Firestone. The airbags replace the front coil springs to give height-adjustibility, while Bell Tech lowered spindles provide 2-inches of additional drop. The rear of the truck is dropped with drarched leaf springs and 3-inch lowering blocks. The rear also has a pair of Rancho air shocks for adjustibility.

The front bumper is from A&A Specialties, with frenched-in Catz SP 85 watt driving lights. The bed got a coating of Line-X spray-in bedliner and is topped with a hinged soft tonneau cover. Rolling attire const of 16x7.5 Antera Opus One wheels wearing BFGoodrich Euro T/A tires of 215/40r16 size. Other modifications include a custom air intake with a K&N cone air filter and a Flowmaster Stage II cat-back dual exhaust.

The interior was customized by color-matching various trim pieces. The stereo consists of a Kenwood CD head unit, a 10-disc CD changer mounted in the center console, two PS-200 amps, 6.5-inch separates, and two 10-inch subwoofers.

And Steve isn't done yet, he's planning to hack up the rear of the truck to use a 4-link rear suspension with airbags and a custom bridge. Giant 18-inch wheels will find their way into the fenderwells and Steve's also going to fully-customize the interior. It looks like Steve has his work cut out for him, and by the look of his truck, he's got one killer ride already.

Steven Reed
Honolulu, Hawaii


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