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Here is Ron Cook's 1995 S-10. He has owned this truck since February of 1995, when he bought it new. Since then he has done a lot of work. We know that customizing is a labor of love, but it must be something special for Ron, as his custom plate reads 4PLEZRE.

To start off, Ron just had to have his truck on the ground. To accomplish this goal, he added Belltech spindles & springs. To get the frame to sit on the ground, he used HyJacker Hydralics. Ron claims the hydraulics were so the truck could still be driven, but we know he likes to have fun too (see above picture).

To get some room inside the truck for customizing, Ron added a H&H cabhigh shell, along with a velour and vinal interior, and a 750 watt (144.3 db) stereo. The body has been shaved of all emblems and trim, and the engine has been detailed and painted, and the frame was smoothed and painted along with the rest of the undercarrige.

So far the truck has 16 first place and top 25 wins (including two first place World of Wheels finishes and the 1998 Young Blood award.) Since these pictures where taken, Ron has added 17" Vision split 5 wheels with 205/40 series tires and lowered it 2 more inches in the front and back. Ron is a founding member of Underground Connections.

Ron Cook


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