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Here's a picture of one hot '91 S-10 truck. After 140,000 miles on the stock 2.5L engine, the owner was looking for a little more power and reliability. At first, he bought a 350 Tuned Port Injected motor from an 87 IROC Z. After countless hours trying to find someone with information on installing the computer to run the fuel injection he got frustrated and sold the engine. Knowling a little bit about engines, he built his own small block that powers the truck through 13-second 1/4 mile times on street tires. Did we mention the truck is also a daily driver?

The engine he built is a mildly built 327 small block, which was bored 40 over with 10.5 to 1 compression pistons, a 292 intake, 302 exhaust split duration cam with a 488, 513 lift. The heads have been milled .25 thousandths with a 3 angle valve job and an Eldelbrock Performer aluminum intake sits upon the motor topped with an 835 CFM Quadrajet. The powerplant is backed by a Borg Warner T-5 5-speed from a Camaro. The exhaust escapes through Headman shorty headers and dumps into two 2-chamber Flowmaster mufflers through 2.25" diameter exhaust pipes.

Did we also mention that the truck still uses the the stock S-10 rear-end with 323 gears? A swap for a
373 gear will come soon and undoubtedly add an even bigger kick in the pants.



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